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Must Try Harder!

Blogs ... they're a great idea, however it's often difficult to find the time to create them. There have been so many times I've thought 'ooh, I must do a blog about this' ... and it doesn't happen!

There was so much happening last year with CLUB CHI and the organic creation of Anemoi Incense ( - and that's on top of working with clients at The Healing Tree!

2022 saw CLUB CHI participate at the Kent Wellness Festival (and we're there again this year - and with an Anemoi Incense stall too!). We were part of Gratitude Festival, raising money for HIS Charity and awareness for men's mental health. We also delivered two Wellness Workshops: Creating Balance in your Life; and Ceremony of Sound, which were great to run and we're looking forward to delivering more this year. And with Anemoi Incense, we were at a few health, wellness, vegan, artisan fayres at different places ... and will be back out again this year too!

So, I thought a great way to create more blogs is to attach a copy of the mailouts I send - keeping you up to date and also as a place to refer back to information. And also so new subscribers don't miss out on the info!

As a heads up for some of the exciting things happening in 2023, we have our next Wellness Workshop on Saturday 21 January at the lovely Lake House Kent (see workshops on the website for more info and to book ... last couple of days for the earlybird discount too! I'm going to be training in Chakra Dancing in the Spring and can't wait to launch this! I was unable to make the dates to train last Autumn, so I'm going to be chomping at the bit come spring! We'll also be at the Kent Wellness Festival in June delivering a Qigong taster session and a Gong Bath meditation. And of course we also have our weekly/monthly Qigong and Gong Bath sessions, with our 90-minute Chi-Gong sessions coming back in the spring too (when the venues are a bit warmer!)

So, here's a link to the latest mailout:

And, as I hope this helps me to be able to create more blogs, here's to more content and info for 2023!

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