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Lorraine Prescott - CLUB CHI / The Healing Tree

Lorraine Presccott

Lorraine's passion for health and wellbeing started in her teens.  Always fascinated by a natural approach to better health, Lorraine has practised Tai Chi Qigong on and off since her early 20s. 

This led to Lorraine setting up her own Holistic Health Practice in 2002.  The Healing Tree offers a range of therapies from hands-on and energy therapies, to talking therapies and movement therapies - ensuring everyone has access to better health and wellbeing.

Lorraine also works with animals and would one day love to have her own smallholding.  She loves being in nature, whether that be the UK or abroad, but is also quite happy chilling on a beach when on holiday too! 

Ian Snowball

Ian’s interest in the practice and exploration of Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation and various forms of energy working and personal development goes back to the early 1990’s. He has a fascination with ancient cultures, such as Egypt, India and China, and their various approaches to health, healing and wellbeing.

For more than 15 years, Ian has worked in the field of mediation, restorative practice and talking therapies.

Ian has written more than 30 books (fiction and non-fiction), plays drums, and makes and produces House/Dance music.

Ian’s favourite place in the world is Cornwall and his favourite cities are London, New York and Paris.

CLUB CHI are proudly serving Maidstone, Medway, Gillingham, Aylesford, Langley and supporting you all globally online.
We have also supported Kent MS Therapy Centre, Redstart Learning Partnership & other organisations with online and in-person sessions  

Lorraine and Ian trained with the accredited Shibashi Training Academy, a Centre of Excellence for Teachers and Instructors of Tai Chi Qigong.