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Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation




Chakra Dancing & Creative Meditation is a fun and beautiful workout for the mind, body and soul through freestyle dance and meditation techniques.


Join Lorraine as we work our way up through the seven main chakras.  We’ll be dancing to empowering music, from tribal drums, to funky jazz, dance, contemporary, classical, Tibetan bowls … and more!  There is no ‘set routine’ – just let yourself connect to the music and the rhythm.


Grounding the energy, releasing stress and balancing the emotions, Chakra Dancing stimulates the natural flow of energy, or chi, from the root chakra to the crown.  When our energy flows, we can improve our physical and mental wellbeing and it’s truly a workout for everybody from the inside-out.


What to bring/wear?


  • For 90-minute sessions only: yoga mat (or something to lay on for the meditation), cushions, blankets and anything else you may need to feel more comfortable for any meditation part of the session

  • bottle of water

  • wear clothing which allows you to move freely during the dance and maybe layers, so you have some warm clothes for the meditation


  • Dates to be confirmed

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