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What is Qigong (Movement Meditation) - and how can it help me?

Movement Meditation is a lovely way to describe the style of Tai Chi Qigong we practice.  Many people have heard of Tai Chi and conjure up an image in their minds when they think of it.  Qigong is a style of Tai Chi and translates as 'energy' (Qi) 'work' (Gong).

The tradition of Qigong practised by CLUB CHI is Medical Qigong, from which the Shibashi set is derived.  Tai Chi Qigong calms, stimulates, revitalises, relaxes, re-balances and strengthens - it encompasses the yin and yang of all things.

Tai Chi Qigong ('Movement Meditation') is a Healing Art and the Chinese will perform Qigong to help with a range of health-related issues, including: insomnia, indigestion, lethargy, mental exhaustion, depression and anxiety, rheumatism and arthritis.  

The movements within a Qigong (Movement Meditation) session are performed slowly and gently, yet teach your body balance and co-ordination.  The softness of each movement within a Qigong (Movement Meditation) session moves away from the Western approach of 'no pain, no gain' and feeling you must push yourself to the limits to gain benefit.  Sessions focus on strengthening the body evenly - both inside and out.

The 3 aspects of Tai Chi Qigong are meditation, movement and breathing.  The movements are 'energy meditations' which are therapeutic as they calm yet refresh the body and mind.  Additional positives of Tai Chi Qigong are:

  • Relaxes the body and mind

  • Calms the nervous system

  • Loosens stiff joints

  • Aids digestion

  • Relaxes tight muscles and tones muscles

  • Improves circulation

  • Regain balance: physically, mentally and emotionally

  • Improves posture and awareness of your body.

When performing Tai Chi Qigong and having focus on the gentle movements, it acts to calm the mind and quiet the 'chatter'.  Additionally, where some find static, seated meditation more difficult, the movement element of Tai Chi Qigong and it being easy to learn, makes it a complete wellbeing experience for all.

Is Movement Meditation for Me?

Tai Chi Qigong is for EVERYONE!  Male, Female, the young or more mature - Tai Chi Qigong is for all ages and abilities.  

Easy to learn and able to be adapted, this low-impact movement therapy really can benefit anyone who is keen to learn this Healing Art, with the NHS recognising the many benefits to be gained (1)(2)

The benefits you can gain - whatever your exercise preference and level of fitness - should not be under-estimated with the gentleness of Tai Chi Qigong.

A new way of working with your body, which calms the mind and the breath and which really can be the perfect tonic in this busy world we live in.

You can take from each session whatever you're looking for, so come and enjoy a wellbeing experience with CLUB CHI.

CLUB CHI is currently running sessions at various locations in Kent: Lake House Kent (Monday evening); Energise Fitness (Tuesday evening); Langley Village Hall (Wednesday lunchtime) and St Paul's Church Halls (Wednesday evening).  We also hold our monthly Chi-Gong (Qigong and Gong Bath) and Gong Bath sessions at two different venues on a Friday evening of the month (see relevant section for details), as well as our Wellness Workshops (see workshop section for details). 


We are looking to hold more sessions in Maidstone and the surrounding areas in Kent and are keen to share the benefits of Tai Chi Qigong and Gong Bath Sound Therapy ... so please register your interest and let's make movement therapy available to all!

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