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Frequently Asked Questions:
All you need to know ...

Where are the sessions held?

Qigong Sessions:

Our weekly in-person 60-minute Qigong sessions are currently held at the following venues:

Tuesdays at 6.15pm at Energise Fitness (3 Sittingbourne Road, Maidstone, ME14 5ES)


Wednesdays at 12.15pm at Ledian Gardens Retirement Village (Upper Street, Leeds, ME17 1RZ);

Wednesdays at 6.45pm at St Paul's Church Halls (Boxley Road, Penenden Heath, ME14 2AY)

Chi-Gong Sessions:

Our monthly 90-minute Chi-Gong sessions (starting at 7pm) are currently held at:

Flowstone Wellbeing Studio (The Climbing Experience, Units G13-15 Baltic Wharf, St Peter’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME16 0ST)

The Nest (The Granary & Stables, Watermill House, Chevening, Chipstead, Kent, TN13 2RY)

Please check our timetable / Chi-Gong page for dates

Gong Bath Meditation Sessions:

Our monthly 60-minute Gong Bath Meditation sessions (starting at 7.30pm) are currently held at:

Lake House Kent (Maidstone Road, Hothfield, nr Ashford, TN26 1AR)

Please check our timetable / Gong Bath Meditation page for dates

Is there parking at the venues?

The parking for each venue is as follows:

Ledian Gardens:  there is free parking, however this can be limited at times. 

St Paul's Church Halls: there is ample free parking outside the Church Hall.

Flowstone Wellbeing Studio: there is ample free parking outside The Climbing Experience venue.

Energise Fitness: is part of Southcote Proactive Healthcare.  There is strictly no parking at the venue for sessions prior to 7pm.  Parking is across the road in the pay & display car park or nearby on-street parking.

Lake House: there is ample free secure on-site parking.

The Nest: there is ample free on-site parking.

How do I pay for sessions?

Sessions can be booked online and payment can be made in advance or paid in cash on the day.

You can also reserve your place by contacting us at:; or

07790 385809

Packages are also available which provide you with a discounted session rate.

Collaboration sessions (The Nest and Flowstone Wellbeing Studio) are paid via the venues directly, so please contact them to book in

What should I wear?

For Qigong sessions, please wear something you are comfortable in, and which enables you to move freely (eg. tracksuit bottoms and a loose t-shirt).  To ensure you stay warm enough, you may wish to wear layers, which you can remove as you warm up. 

You can wear trainers or comfortable flat shoes, or the sessions can be performed in bare feet/socks.

For our Chi-Gong / Gong Bath Meditation sessions, we want you to stay warm and cosy throughout the session.  As your temperature can fluctuate during the session, we suggest wearing warm socks, hoodie / layered clothing, which you can adjust as necessary for your session.


What do I need to bring with me?

You only really need to bring yourself!

You may wish to bring some water with you (as is always recommended).

Mats may be available, however you may wish to bring your own mat should you wish to do the session barefoot or in socks to provide additional comfort.


In addition to the above, please bring any mats, pillows, blankets and/or a duvet,  to ensure you stay warm and comfortable during the Gong Bath Meditation should you be laying on the floor.

Although we have some you can borrow, you may wish to bring your own eye mask with you, should you prefer to switch off for the session in this way.


Important information for the Chi-Gong sessions & Gong Bath Meditation sessions - please arrive 10 minutes before the start time to allow yourself time to get settled prior to the session commencing.  Any late arrivals may not be permitted to enter to avoid disturbing the experience for other attendees.

I've never done Tai Chi Qigong before - do I need experience?

Not at all!  The tradition of Tai Chi we practice is from Medical Qigong (from which the Shibashi set is derived).

Movements are gentle and easy to learn and follow and you move at your pace and rhythm.  The purpose of each session is to improve your health and wellbeing, and to give you a greater sense of relaxation.

Each session is complete in itself, so if you're unable to come along one week, you won't be falling behind the rest of the group.

We can focus on different elements each week, eg. breathing, movements, posture, energy etc and you will progress within each area - but always at your own pace.  

It's your wellbeing journey - relax and enjoy it!

I have mobility issues - what venue is best for me?

Access to each venue is as follows:

Ledian Gardens:  sessions are held on the ground floor and there are no steps and it is automatic door entry.

St Paul's Church Halls:  sessions are held on the ground floor and there is parking directly outside the building.  There are steps to the front door, however there is ramped access also.

Flowstone Wellbeing Studio: sessions are held on the ground floor, however there are a couple of steps down to the studio. There is parking directly outside the venue.

Energise Fitness is located on the first floor, with no disabled access.  

Lake House Kent: sessions are held on the ground floor and there is disabled parking and also ramp access if required.

The Nest: sessions are held on the ground floor and is disable-access friendly.

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