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Reviews & Testimonials

For Virtual Vitality Day Reviews, click HERE

Emma P: "I loved it!  I certainly felt zen when I left and wondered if I was too relaxed to work. But the energy has been flowing all afternoon. Look forward to my next session."

Elaine P: "We had a 60 min Tai Chi session with Lorraine, felt so relaxed afterwards. Her guidance makes you feel you can go at your own speed. Would recommend this to anyone."

Cheryl P: "Thanks to you both for last night's session.  My shoulder feels much less tight than normal and I had the best sleep I've had in ages."

James P: "I'm really feeling the benefits from Club Chi both physically and mentally.  Such a calming and relaxing experience, perfect for relieving the stress of everyday life.  I'd highly recommend getting some Club Chi in your life."

Rachel S: "Had a great online introductory session with Club Chi on zoom. Despite being virtual, I was guided through each exercise and felt the benefits of this very grounding practice. In a hectic life with lots of high intensity exercise, I found this a really settling activity to slow down and take breath. Thank very much Lorraine for the chance to try it, I'll be booking in some more sessions."

Louise H: "Over the last four weeks we have been attending the free sessions with Lorraine and have found her to be amazing!  Lorraine is very professional and knowledgeable and gradually takes you through the moves explaining everything you need to know on how to make each move. I always feel really better after each session and have also last week joined the Thursday paid sessions as have enjoyed both the sessions so much. I would highly recommend this club to anyone of any age and fitness abilities as the are a cracking club!  Definitely a big thumbs up."

Carol: "I have done what I remembered of the exercises we did and started off again with a below par oxygen reading, but finished off with 95, which is absolutely great ... So I am very happy."

"Lorraine you have been my rock some weeks during this pandemic and have picked me up when I was feeling low and have been a truly great online friend.  I wish I lived closer to Maidstone and could have joined in with your sessions"

Anne McC: "I joined Club Chi a few months ago and was attending in person prior to the lock down. I was really pleased Lorraine was able to set up access online once we weren't able to actually attend the sessions, as I missed the opportunity. 2019 was a very difficult year for me and I felt I needed something to help me "re-establish" myself. The idea of Tai Chi had always appealed to me, but I had never had the opportunity before, so I was pleased when I found this class. The sessions provide me with the one hour during a week where I just focus on how I feel and the here and now. It provides calm to concentrate on me and helps relieve the tension of the day to day. After the session I feel relaxed and calm which helps me to refocus on what is important. I'm really pleased I found this class and hope to continue to experience its benefits for some time to come. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go. It's all inclusive for any age and fitness level. Keep up the good work Club Chi"

Dawn K: "Would highly recommend Club Chi, especially in these unprecedented times!  Lorraine & Ian are superb in their delivery of their online ‘class’. The whole experience was calming, relaxing and focused! Go on, give it a whirl, you’ve got nothing to lose!👍."

Kerry M: "Thank you so much to Lorraine and Ian for the fabulous Shibashi session, it was lovely to meet up outside - so easy with the current social distancing rules. Really enjoyed the session and came away feeling very relaxed but energised. Highly recommend these sessions to anyone who wants a more gentle but effective form of exercise, to improve their overall wellbeing."

Kate K: "I really look forward to my weekly Club Chi session with Ian! Spending the week WFH it's a welcome opportunity to relax, focus on my breathing and empty my busy mind. Ian leads the class well and guides us through the set including little additions or tips each week. I feel like a different person at the end of the class and always sleep well that night!  I would recommend Club Chi 😊."

Jacqui M: "I heard about Club Chi via a friend of mine. I attended one of the free 1 hour outside sessions which happens roughly every three weeks. Lovely friendly bunch of like minded people attended, all sorts of abilities too. I have attended two of these now and enjoyed both greatly. Feeling more chilled than I was prior. I have since attended another free session, this one is on a Wednesday for 20 mins at 10am. Calming and focused is how I felt afterwards. I feel so good I have signed up for another month. There are loads more sessions for longer, these are reasonably priced. I'm sure I'll be signing up for those soon. Thank you Lorraine for your support."

Lou W: "Attended my 2nd Secret Shibashi session this morning, and enjoyed it very much. Everyone is so welcoming, you can go at your own pace, and it really has helped to bring me back to myself and take time to relax and just breathe. I didn’t realise how much I needed this. Thank you so much, you are all lovely, supportive, and reassuring. Looking forward to more, if the weather and covid allow!"

Marc B: "I’ve been doing one of the online club chi classes weekly for a couple of months now and it’s become an integral part of my week. I’d never done tai chi before but was made to feel welcome and Ian made it easy to pick up the moves and link them together over time. In the current crazy world especially, I love the relaxed inward focus of the class and I always feel both physically and mentally refreshed afterwards. Keep up the good work guys!"

Cheryl P: "Having been taking Tai Chi sessions with Ian for a while, I was keen to try Chi-Robix.  Although a bit faster-paced, it's still nothing strenuous and I've really enjoyed the different moves.  The sessions are great for both physical and mental wellbeing and leave me feeling really energised.  I've found the sessions have really helped with the aches and pains I sometimes suffer with, after some past issues with my back and shoulder.  I would definitely recommend Chi-Robix if you want to try something a little bit different."

Sandy S: "Well explained Tai Chi in baby steps ... I'm a total beginner. The Virtual Vitality Day was an excellent chance to see and experience what else is on offer. Both Ian and Lorraine are excellent tutors.

Clare D: "I just spent the day with Club Chi at their Virtual Vitality Day. The day was a wonderful experience. There was lots of content and things to learn but best of all was the end result. By the end of the day, I felt thoroughly relaxed and chilled both physically and emotionally. Make this day part of your self-care and it will be totally worth your while. Thank you guys x

Stacey G: "I attended the morning of the Vitality Day yesterday. It was really good. I particularly enjoyed the hand and facial reflexology. Thank you Lorraine and Ian!"

Sara O: "I attended the Virtual Vitality Day yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed it. I’ve never done Tai Chi before and always wanted to try it. I felt so at ease joining in from home. The teaching was clear and really interesting too. I also enjoyed the meditation and the hand reflexology brilliant too. An outstanding day of self care. Highly recommended"

Kim J: "Thank you Lorraine and Ian for a fabulous Virtual Vitality Day. The day was packed full of wellbeing and I particularly enjoyed the sessions on hand and face reflexology, and the guided meditation was super relaxing. Sessions were delivered professionally, with warmth and humour and I can't wait for the next one. Kim xx"

Anne McC: "I attended Club Chi's latest Virtual Vitality Day on the 13th March. It was good to have the option of being able to sign up for a half day session if the full day wasn't possible, as was the case for me. Although I've been attending Tai Chi classes for a while, it was good to be able to sample some other sessions I wouldn't normally get involved in. The Hand Reflexology was really relaxing, I could feel it doing me some good. I had never tried the type of Yoga offered during the morning session, so it was really good to give it a try. I can only applaud Lorraine and Ian for continuing to provide these Virtual Vitality days under such difficult circumstances. They provide good value and the opportunity to try out alternative therapies which otherwise might pass me by"

Vanessa O: "Lorraine and Ian ran the Qigong /Gong Bath session. I’ve been to a few Gong Baths but It was the first time I’d been to a Qigong session. Their philosophy on this aspect reminds us that we need to put an end to glorying being busy. As an always busy, business owner, I came away feeling inspired to remember the best things happen when we relax and make time to be still. Thank you Lorraine and Ian"

Alyson B: "Club Chi were recommended to me by a local friend and Tai Chi Qigong instructor so that I could access good classes safely and online. Lorraine & Ian have been brilliant and I find the sessions very relaxing. There’s a great variety of classes available including shorter ones, taking into account a range of individual health and other needs. Thanks Club Chi 🤩"

Sue L: "I have just discovered Club Chi ... so glad I have. Stressful life/work ... it takes me away from that. Thinking in the moment and the movements you are making. Highly recommended. Ian is a great teacher."

Pari P: "That session was amazing and I found myself energized the entire evening post that. Thank you for the fantastic experience ... I have highly recommended your online program to my colleagues as well. I wish you and your team the very best. Thank you once again."

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