A Ceremony of Sound

CLUB CHI is proud to be able to offer gong meditation sessions to add to your wellbeing experience!

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic sound of the gongs, together with other percussive instruments such as chimes, singing bowls and ocean drums. 

A Gong Meditation is a form of sound therapy and can be effective in achieving a deep state of relaxation.  The sound of the gongs and other instruments work not only on an auditory level, but a vibrational one too.  This vibrational energy may help remove energy blockages in the body. 


Sound Therapy has been shown to help treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, depression, sleep disorders and pain.

Please refer to our FAQ section for details of what to bring, wear etc

These 60-minute sessions are currently held on Sunday evening at Heavenly Fitness and booking is direct via the venue.  Details of dates and times are listed below: 



Held at Heavenly Fitness (Unit 2 First Floor, Bridge Industrial Estate, Wharf Road, Tovil, Maidstone, ME15 6RR) on the following dates from 6pm - 7pm:

  • Sunday 23 January 2022

  • Sunday 20 February 2022

  • Sunday 20 March 2022

Should you wish to book a private Gong Meditation session as a home visit / private venue, please contact us to discuss.

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