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Where sound and movement combine

Vanessa O: "Lorraine and Ian ran the Qigong /Gong Bath session. I’ve been to a few Gong Baths but It was the first time I’d been to a Qigong session. Their philosophy on this aspect reminds us that we need to put an end to glorying being busy. As an always busy, business owner, I came away feeling inspired to remember the best things happen when we relax and make time to be still. Thank you Lorraine and Ian"

Bringing Movement Meditation (Tai Chi Qigong) and a Gong Bath Meditation together for the ultimate wellbeing experience.

These 90-minute sessions begin with Tai Chi Qigong (Movement Meditation) session, where we perform gentle Qigong movements to encourage our mind and body to relax.  Being guided by our breath, we allow it to calm our mind and body, enabling us to find peace and balance.

We may invite you to select a Connection Card.  These cards can provide insight and/or focus and can be used to set the intention for your Gong Bath experience.

Then it's time to relax and connect deeper within, as you lie comfortably on the floor (or seated if you wish) and let the sounds of the gongs work on a vibrational level to release, relax and rebalance.

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic sound of the gongs, together with other percussive instruments such as chimes, singing bowls and ocean drums.

A Gong Bath Meditation is a form of sound therapy and can be effective in achieving a deep state of relaxation.  The sound of the gongs and other instruments work not only on an auditory level, but a vibrational one too.  This vibrational energy may help remove energy blockages in the body.

Connecting the therapeutic benefits of movement therapy and sound therapy, this really is a 90-minute session which will enrich you inside and out and from top to toe.


Benefits of Tai Chi Qigong / Gong Bath Meditation


Tai Chi Qigong and Gong Bath Meditations are especially beneficial for those who find traditional meditation difficult, as it enables our conscious mind to focus on something: namely your breath and your movements, followed by the vibrations and sounds of the gongs.


Additional positive effects may include:


  • Reducing stress and anxiety

  • Reduction of chronic pain

  • Improved sleep

  • Improved energy levels and reduction of fatigue and lethargy

  • Improved cognitive function

There are many therapeutic benefits to be gained from movement and sound therapy on all levels - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

For Gong Bath Meditation contraindications and further details about a Gong Bath experience, please refer to our Gong Bath Meditation page

Please refer to our FAQ section for details of what to bring, wear etc

These 90-minute sessions are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings throughout the month.  Details of dates, times and venues below: 




Our Friday Chi-Gong session at Flowstone Wellbeing Studio (The Climbing Experience, Units G13-15 Baltic Wharf, St Peter’s Street, Maidstone, Kent ME16 0ST) is on the following dates from 7pm - 8.30pm:

  • Friday 10 May 2024

  • Friday 14 June 2024

  • Friday 12 July 2024

  • Friday 9 August 2024

  • Friday 13 September 2024

  • Friday 11 October 2024

  • Friday 15 November 2024

  • Friday 13 December 2024

Booking for these Friday night sessions are via Flowstone Wellbeing Studio




Our Saturday Chi-Gong session at Lake House Kent (Maidstone Road, Ashford, Kent, TN26 1AR) on the following dates from 7pm - 8.30pm:

Dates to be confirmed





New venue coming soon!

Booking for these Sunday night sessions are via The Nest

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