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'The purpose of Qigong is not to become proficient in Qigong, but to become expert at being aware of who you are' Kenneth S. Cohen.

This is a wonderful quote, which should not only to be applied to Qigong, but to all areas of our life. The pressure we often put on ourselves to be perfect and our fears that we’re being judged by others can be crippling. It can prevent us from doing something we’d like to do – for fear of what other people may think, or that we may give it a go and not be any good. But what does that matter if we’re enjoying it and getting something from it?

Don’t you think life is too short to worry about what other people think? Aren’t we here to live our life as fully, happily and healthily as we possibly can?

This has been mine and Ian’s journey into Tai Chi Qigong Shibashi. We knew we had a lot to learn (and we did!) and we knew when we started that there was plenty of room for improvement. However, as with life, Tai Chi Qigong is a journey and we are constantly learning and growing. It’s what makes life exciting after all!

We were excited to learn a form of movement therapy which would not only benefit ourselves in many ways, but we would be able to share this with others.

The Tai Chi Qigong we offer at Club Chi is easy to learn, enjoyable and relaxing. Helping to calm the mind and the body, reconnect you to yourself as you focus on your breath and the meditative movements. There are many other positive benefits for health and wellbeing to be had with Tai Chi Qigong … so why not find out for yourself and book yourself into one of our sessions.

Weekly sessions starting this month at the following venues:

Wednesday 22 January at 12.15pm – Langley Village Hall; and

Thursday 23 January at 10am – Southcote Proactive Healthcare.

Details can be found on our website:

We will be looking to grow the number of sessions we hold, so please register your interest to help us serve you better.

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