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Ode to 2020

A New Year ... what will 2021 have in store? I think I can safely say nobody expected 2020 to go the way it did and, although we are still living with tiers, restrictions etc, I wish you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2021.

As promised in the video I shared on Facebook and LinkedIn, here is the written copy of my 'Ode to 2020' ... a year I think most of us are happy to see the back of! Although, even in the darkness, there is light to be found - what positives have you found from last year? What insights have you gained?

Personally, I've learned to just go with the flow ... often, there hasn't been much choice! For somebody who can be a bit of a planner, to not know where I've stood regarding my business from one week to the next, I've had to surrender to being open to dealing with things at that point in time, rather than planning too far ahead. I've appreciated the stillness, the quiet and I was really grateful for the weather we've had which allowed me to get out on walks, to see nature and her seasons.

Although I want things to get back to 'normal' asap and to be able to be working in full capacity once more, it's the positives I must focus on ... and so must you. Don't let yourself get dragged down in negative thought - it's so easy to do. Try and rise above it, focus on positives (however small) and give thanks to what you do have (again, however small). Let's not see 2020 as a wasted year - let's see it as a year where we've grown, we're more compassionate, we're more in tune with ourselves and, together, we move forward into a brighter, healthier future for ourselves, for our planet and for mankind.

With love,

Lorraine x

Ode to 2020
Download PDF • 63KB

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