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In Like a Lion ... Out Like a Lamb

It’s often said March is ‘in like a lion and out like a lamb’ – let’s see what meteorological delights are in store for us this month!

One thing I love about March is the feeling that spring is on its way. We already have snowdrops and now it’s the time of crocuses, daffodils and primroses to delight us on our walks. Isn’t it wonderful! I never tire of seeing nature waken from its restorative winter.

We can learn a lot from nature – it’s never in a rush to grow, to bloom – it responds to its environment and takes its time to 'just be'. How perfect is that.

Don’t you find we’re often in a rush to be somewhere, to get something done? There aren't enough hours in the day or we need an extra pair of hands? These are all things I’ve said myself and, when we feel in this state of mind, this is exactly the time when we should stop and watch those spring flowers – forever serving as a reminder that life isn’t to be rushed and we need to rethink our schedule if we’re forever chasing our tail.

When it comes to our wellbeing, it can’t really be about ‘quick fixes’ – our health and wellness should be constantly reviewed and evaluated. What once gave us no cause for concern, may no longer be the case (eg. sleep, digestive, hormonal issues to name a few). Just because we used to do x, y & z doesn’t mean it’s going to apply to where we are in life today.

A classic example of this is thriving on stress. Don’t get me wrong, we all need stress in our lives – but there’s ‘good stress’ and there’s ‘bad stress’. Some people reach a point in their lives where they feel constantly anxious, tense and have lost the ability to relax. This may have been an adrenalin rush a few years ago, but now it just leaves them feeling exhausted and unhappy.

Think of your wellbeing as having 4 pillars: mind, body, spirit/soul and emotions. And then think of these 4 pillars keeping you supported in your life. If one pillar is more developed than the others, your support is going to be uneven. Just as neglecting one area will do the same.

A balanced approach doesn’t have to be difficult – it all starts with AWARENESS! This is the key to taking those initial steps to creating positive change and bringing your life into a state of balance, harmony … and happiness.

There are many ways that we can bring balance into our life and support our 4 pillars of wellbeing. And it’s something I’ll go into more detail about in future posts.

So, for today, maybe just start with an awareness of:

  • what you’d like to change;

  • where you feel you are in life now and where you’d like to be;

  • how you’re feeling currently and how you want to be feeling.

Don’t feel sad or frustrated that things aren’t perfect (who said life has to be?!). And don’t be in a rush to change everything at once (think of those spring flowers!).

See this next step as a life audit and that, from this place of more awareness, positive change is now a possibility!

How magical is that!

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