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New Season ... New Sessions!

It's nearly the end of August (eek!) and the bank holiday weekend is in full flow. Who can believe we're into September next week?!

I always like September as the weather is often nice, however with the cooler mornings, it can be that reminder that autumn is on its way.

September also marks the start of the new academic year and it can be a time when people use this time as a 'new start' for something they've been meaning to do - a new class, learning a new skill, getting fit etc. Is this something you do?

Harnessing the energy from the summer to be applied to something to serve you as we go into the colder months?

And September seemed quite apt to mark this new season with some changes to the CLUB CHI timetable!

From 1 September 2021, we have TWO NEW SESSIONS being added to our weekly timetable!

  • Wednesdays at 9.30am: 'Movement Meditation - Qigong for Wellness' sessions at Energise Fitness (Southcote Proactive Healthcare, Sittingbourne Road, ME14) ; and

  • Tuesdays at 6.30pm: Qigong (Movement Meditation) sessions at Heavenly Fitness (Wharf Road, Tovil, ME15)

Both of these sessions are being run by Energise Fitness and Heavenly Fitness, so booking is via them direct.

We're both excited to be offering our sessions to a new audience and a new part of town too! This addition to our weekly timetable means we've had to make changes to our online sessions too.

As from 1 September, our Wednesday morning 30-minute online session will be moving to Thursdays at 9am. This will replace our free 20-minute session, which we've offered throughout the pandemic.

As people return to work and/or a sense of normality, it feels the right time to allow a change to these sessions. We appreciate that some people prefer a shorter session, so that's why we're keeping our 30-minute online session for just £5.50!

For those who are curious to learn how to reduce stress and bring their body and mind into a state of calm and have yet to experience a CLUB CHI session or haven't been in a while, you can get your first 30-minute session FREE!

All you need to do is book your place online and enter the code 'FIRSTONEFREE'. The 30-minute session is a great way to build up confidence in your Qigong, bring awareness to your body, posture and breath, as well as increase your health and wellness.

So, why not give it a try!!

And, if the passing of summer leaves you feeling a bit deflated, or perhaps you're a bit frayed around the edges after the busy-ness of the summer months, why not bring some harmony and balance into your life with our 90-minute CHI-GONG session.

Starting with movement meditation (Qigong) to allow your body and mind to let go of the stress and worries, then relax as we take you on a journey with gong meditation. Let yourself be bathed in the sound of the gongs, tuning into the healing vibrational frequency as you relax, enjoy and recalibrate your energies.

Book online by clicking HERE to join our next session:

SATURDAY 4 SEPTEMBER at 7pm - St Paul's Church

(Penenden Heath, ME14 2AY)

You may be feeling tight and tense; your stress levels may be high; or you may be having trouble sleeping - all of these things, if not addressed, can lead to illness.

All our sessions are there for you to move, work and breathe to your own rhythm and pace. A chance to truly listen within and to hear how you're feeling and the energy you want to bring into your body. By listening and connecting to YOU, you can achieve a depth to your wellbeing where calm, balance and better health can be yours ... what's not to love about that!

With love,

Lorraine & Ian x

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