Collaborations are go!

CLUB CHI is all about #Community and #Connecting - connecting with likeminded people who want to connect with others, as well as connecting within.

CLUB CHI Community - collaborating and connecting, not only with our sessions and Virtual Vitality Days, but with others too.
Collaborations - it's all about connecting and building a community

The benefits of connecting - with others; with our breath; with our movement can create that ripple-effect for better health and wellbeing.

And another way of connecting is to work with others. A collaboration can bring a different energy to what's on offer - whether that be a CLUB CHI Virtual Vitality Day, or supporting somebody else's project. It's always nice to share ideas and different ways of working, which unite us all with the aim of increasing calm, balance and wellness. Who could ask for more than that!

CLUB CHI are involved with 3 projects which are coming up soon. The first is:

Wakey Wakey Rise & Shine with Danny Lines and Friends.  Centreforce Radio and CLUB CHI - collaboration for health and wellbeing


hosted by CENTREFORCE RADIO. This is a #FREE event happening on SATURDAY 20 MARCH from 9.30am - 2pm. Centreforce Radio brings together people far and wide who love their dance music. And with lockdown preventing us all from releasing that energy on the dancefloor and losing ourselves in the music, as well as being unable to meet up with friends, we may feel a sense of disconnect.

On Saturday, via zoom, Danny Lines and CLUB CHI will be guiding you through a variety of sessions as we focus on movement meditation, Qigong and guided meditation. Letting go of the stress and tension and connecting our bodies to our own rhythm as we channel our energy to create balance and calm.

Want to #Getfitwiththeforce? Sign up 'HERE'

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Next, we are delighted to be involved with this weekend's Mind Body Soul Summit

Supporting health and wellbeing from head to toe.  Collaborations and supporting the community both locally and globally online

Another #FREE event which is running live via Facebook over the whole weekend of Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 March. A variety of sessions, workshops and speakers, which promises to be a great event.

CLUB CHI are delivering a movement meditation session on Sunday 21 March at 10am, followed by a Q&A. So, why not look at the line-up and get yourself along - and we look forward to seeing some of you there on Sunday morning!

You can find more details ab