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Online sessions: Tuesdays at 6pm - 6.30pm

Club Chi-Robix has been developed by Lorraine and Ian at Club Chi.


The fifteen-movement set is inspired by ancient cultures such as Egypt and China, and adapted to bring health and wellbeing benefits for the fast-paced modern society.  Club Chi-Robix is designed for physical, mental and emotional balancing and self-harmony.


The movements are easy to learn and to follow, and include different paced movements.  This relates to the understanding of what has been referred to as the Law of Two, the Law of Duality or the Yin and Yang.  The notion being that nature is made up of dualities: male/female, positive/negative, up/down, hot/cold and silver and gold - the natures of which feature throughout the fifteen-movement set.


Therefore, the aim of Club Chi-Robix is to bring balance to our lives, and where there is balance, there is harmony, and harmony brings with it, health and wellbeing benefits.

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